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I am trying to create music

white rapper started this conversation
I am trying to get a computer based software so I will be able to munipulate and create rap/hip-hop music!
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blood can help you. All the music generated in the "music db" section of the board was made with Acid 5.0/Sound Forge 8.0/waves plugins... It's a snap... Peace, Blood

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Yeh, right there are many softwares now available in the market. Just let me know if you need any help in finding one. I will be glad to help you. infosrama...

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Producing music at home is not expensive anymore. Assuming that you don't have much experiance in this field, there is several entry-level products that can open your path to more sophisticated production systems. For example Hip-Hop eJay is good place to start. Magix MusicMaker too (see links below). There's also a bunch of free audio loops and samples on the net. You need just a quick search in google :) Good luck!
Magix MusicMaker
HipHop eJay

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Hello white rapper, Visit Ashley's aidpage (see link below)... She is probably an expert in computer software for music production... Post a question on her page... she should be able to help you... She might be even interested in what you're doing... Hope this helps.
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